Vivian Fang

I am a fifth-year computer science graduate student at UC Berkeley advised by Raluca Ada Popa. I was a research intern at Signal Messenger last summer. My interests are broadly in security and systems. I am grateful to be supported by an NSF-GRFP fellowship.

I completed my B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where I worked with Scott Shenker, Aurojit Panda, and Justine Sherry in NetSys.

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  • Secret Key Recovery in a Global-Scale End-to-End Encryption System
    Graeme Connell*, Vivian Fang*, Rolfe Schmidt*, Emma Dauterman, Raluca Ada Popa.
    OSDI 2024 (to appear) [code]
  • Reflections on Trusting Distributed Trust
    Emma Dauterman*, Vivian Fang*, Natacha Crooks, Raluca Ada Popa.
    HotNets 2022 [pdf]
  • CostCO: An automatic cost modeling framework for secure multi-party computation
    Vivian Fang, Lloyd Brown, William Lin, Wenting Zheng, Aurojit Panda, Raluca Ada Popa.
    EuroS&P 2022 [pdf] [code]
    Distinguished Paper Award.
  • Snoopy: Surpassing the scalability bottleneck of oblivious storage
    Emma Dauterman*, Vivian Fang*, Ioannis Demertzis, Natacha Crooks, Raluca Ada Popa.
    SOSP 2021 [pdf] [code]
  • Kappa: A programming framework for serverless computing
    Wen Zhang, Vivian Fang, Aurojit Panda, Scott Shenker.
    SoCC 2020 [pdf] [code]
  • Making edge-computing resilient
    Yotam Harchol, Aisha Mushtaq, Vivian Fang, James McCauley, Aurojit Panda, Scott Shenker.
    SoCC 2020 [pdf]
  • Evaluating software switches: Hard or hopeless?
    Vivian Fang, Tamás Lévai, Sangjin Han, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Barath Raghavan, Justine Sherry.
    Tech Report No. UCB/EECS-2018-136 2018 [pdf]
  • Mark My Words: Analyzing and Evaluating Language Model Watermarks.
    Julien Piet, Chawin Sitawarin, Vivian Fang, Norman Mu, David Wagner.
    arXiv:2312.00273 [pdf] [code]
  • MemGPT: Towards LLMs as Operating Systems
    Charles Packer, Vivian Fang, Shishir G. Patil, Kevin Lin, Sarah Wooders, Joseph E. Gonzalez.
    arXiv:2310.08560 [pdf] [code]
* denotes equal first-authors