Sometimes, I draw art for research projects! Below is a collection of things I’ve drawn.

Are you a graduate student? Do you want me to draw something for your research project? Send me an email at .

Reflections on Trusting Distributed Trust
Emma Dauterman*, Vivian Fang*, Natacha Crooks, Raluca Ada Popa
HotNets 2022
Blockaid: Data Access Policy Enforcement for Web Applications
Wen Zhang, Eric Sheng, Michael Chang, Aurojit Panda, Mooly Sagiv, Scott Shenker
OSDI 2022
Piranha: A GPU Platform for Secure Computation
Jean-Luc Watson, Sameer Wagh, Raluca Ada Popa
USENIX Security 2022
CostCO: An automatic cost modeling framework for secure multi-party computation
Vivian Fang, Lloyd Brown, William Lin, Wenting Zheng, Aurojit Panda, Raluca Ada Popa
IEEE EuroS&P 2022
Waldo: A Private Time-Series Database from Function Secret Sharing
Emma Dauterman, Mayank Rathee, Raluca Ada Popa, Ion Stoica
IEEE S&P 2022
Snoopy: Surpassing the scalability bottleneck of oblivious storage
Emma Dauterman*, Vivian Fang*, Ioannis Demertzis, Natacha Crooks, Raluca Ada Popa
SOSP 2021
DORY: An Encrypted Search System with Distributed Trust
Emma Dauterman, Eric Feng, Ellen Luo, Raluca Ada Popa, Ion Stoica
OSDI 2020
Adapted from dory by Ben Davis.
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